Thursday 19 March 2015

Stobart Biomass

 Eddie Stobart are one of the most famous and iconic trucking firms in the UK and Ireland. They have warehouses scattered all over the UK and two in Ireland. The Stobart Group have many differenrt divisions including their energy division. Stobart formed their energy division in March 2010. They purchased 50% of A.W Jenkinson Biomass Ltd from A.W Jenkinson Forest Products and they then renamed the company Stobart Biomass Ltd and have there headquarters in Cumbria. They went on to purchase the other 50% of A.W Jenkinson Biomass Ltd in May 2011.
 Stobart Biomass transport mainly woodchip and other waste products for use in power plants to produce electricity. They also source sustainable waste and timber products which are used to produce biomass energy.
 To transport all these products Stobart use special trailers called walking floor trailers. Walking floor trailers have a tarpaulin roof so it can be rolled back so the likes of woodchip can be loaded by a a digger or wheel loader. On the floor of the trailer there are individual slats. When turned on these slats move backwards and forwards. This causes the load to be pushed out without any manual work at all, all you to have to do is sweep the floor at end. And as i'm sure you can imagine, this is quite an expensive piece of kit.

Wednesday 18 March 2015


Italian truck manufacturer Iveco have recently announced that it will provide 15 Stralis Natural Power LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) trucks that have Cursor 8 CNG Euro 6 engines engines to Lidl Italia. This is set to be Italy's largest natural gas fleet. LC3, temperature controlled transport logistics specialist will be managing the LNG fleet. Iveco are delivering another 35 LNG vehicles to LC3 along with the 15 that are going to Lidl Italia. Iveco have said that LNG is one of the cleanest fuels there is on the market, and compared to diesel gas greatly reduces a vehicles overall impact on its surrounding environment. Iveco have also said that the LNG trucks cost 20 per cent less to operate than your normal truck.

Tuesday 17 March 2015

European Truck Manufacturers

 There are many truck manufacturers around the world but some of the most popular trucks in Europe are: Scania, Daf, MAN, Volvo, Iveco, Renault and Mercedes.

These companies have factories all over the world. Scania have ten factories in total around the world and seven of these are in Europe. They have their main factory and headquarters in Södertälje, Sweden along with two factories in Holland, one in Poland, one in Russia, one in France and another one in Sweden.

Daf Trucks are a Dutch company. Their headquarters and main factory are based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Daf produce their cabs and axles at their factory Westerlo, Belgium and some truck models that are sold with the Daf brand are designed and built by Leyland trucks at their Farrington factory in Preston, England.

MAN Trucks are a German company with their headquarters based in Munich.  They have factories in the Ruhr Area, Augsburg and also in Poland and Austria.

Volvo are are also a Swedish company. They have their headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. Volvo cabs are manufactured in the north of Sweden in Umea and Ghent, Belgium and their engines are manufactured in the town of Skövde. They also have an assembly plant in Kalug, Russia as well as many other factories around the world.

Iveco are an Italian company and its headquarters are based in Turin. It has factories in Europe and 6 other factories outside Europe.

Renault Trucks are French. The have their headquarters in Saint-Priest, France. They have been owned by the Volvo group since 2001. Bourg-en-Bress is the main production plant for Renault Trucks. Renault have recently brought out a new range of trucks, called the T-Range, to replace the Premium and the iconic Magnum(One of my favourite trucks!)

Mercedes are a German company. Mercedes have the largest truck factory in the world. It is based in Wörth and employs over 11,500 workers. This plant celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013.

Monday 2 March 2015

Hello, my name is Luke Ennis and this is my blog about the Geography of trucks. I am doing this as part of a school project and I hope you enjoy reading it.